TittleA bulgarian company, that has been working on the delivery of clean energy solutions (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, energy efficiency for buildings) since 10 yeats.
The primary product we are representing are industrial biomass boilers and cogeneration configurations.
Technology deploymentBased on our achievements and experiences, the company is developing into a market player which is developing green energy projects and energy services (Energy Performance Contracting, ESCo), i.e. complete clean energy solutions including delivery of world class technology, financing and long term commitment to provide renewable energy and energy efficiency services.
Further, Djadadji is representing reputable Western European manufacturers of clean tech products, including Kara biomass boilers and Spaans Babcock hydropower which fit the vision and strategy of Djadadji to support a transition to a low carbon economy, both in Europe as overseas.
Keywordsclean energy, renewable energy, bioenergy
Stage of developmentsale to end user
Type and size of the clients
Language of communicationEnglish and Bulgarian
Contact pointVeselin Tsvetkov, cci-vr@cci-vratsa.org, +359 92 66 08 73
Notice Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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