Balmaris – Novel ecologically acceptable system for treatment of ballast water and other fluids

Description of your eco-technology Balmaris Ltd. is a start-up company with headquarters in Rijeka (Croatia).The company is specialized in developing different projects from the area of environmental protection.
The project refers to the development of an innovative, eco-friendly technology for ballast water treatment on ships, as well as other fluids. The technology was developed in collaboration with several European scientific and research institutions.
The company is currently looking for partners and investors who might be interested in further development and finalization of the product launch trough joint venture or licensing.
Further information The proposed project includes the development and improvement of an innovative technology for the treatment, purification and disinfection of different liquids or in the strict sense of the word, the development of an eco-friendly system for ballast water treatment on ships.
The technology was developed in collaboration with several European scientific and research institutions.
So far a prototype was developed whose working process is based exclusively on the combination of mechanical and physical methods of the treatment, without adding any chemicals which are part of the working process of most current technologies for ballast water treatment and which may have a harmful impact on the ships’ crew, as well as the marine ecosystem.
Other than in ballast water treatment, the new technology may be used in many different areas with the aim of disinfection, purification or sterilization of different fluids, as well as destroying various organisms in fluids.
The working process of the technology is based on the innovative principle, which is the main factor for high operating effectiveness of the technology. The technology is currently in the process of obtaining an international patent.
Form of cooperation development from prototype to final product
Keywords Ballast water, wastewater treatment, swimming pool water treatment, food industry, medicine
Language of communication Croatian, English

More information Contact person: Martina Cvetković
Notice Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)