Name AgroCares Nutrient Scanner
Company / institution: Csernozjom Kft. / AgroCares B.V.
Country:     Hungary
Segment:Agricultural technology
Description of eco-technology
/ Summary of the offer
The nutrient scanner is an easy-to-use handheld tool that can be used by every food producer since it provides nutrient status of soil, crops and raw material in just 10 minutes. The scanner uses near infrared and EC sensor combined for analyzing.

After scanning a sample the sensor data is being sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection and then it is being uploaded by the application to the cloud where our database analyze it and then the smartphone receives the report of nutrient status o the soil (N, P, K, pH, CEC, clay, organic matter content) in a minute.

Using the scanner is a simple, smart and connected way to analyze crops, raw materials and soil. Our soil database is now operational in 22 countries, including 7 in Africa. Our leaf database is currently available for several crops and developing. Our Feed solutions use the database developed by Trouw Nutrition, our strategic partner.
How is it eco-innovative? At AgroCares we deliver innovative services to contribute to closing the world food gap. We achieve this with cutting edge data solutions to measure nutrients and other key parameters in soil (SoilCares), in feed (FeedCares) and in leaf (LeafCares) which ultimately leads to sustainable yield and production increase.

Innovation is an ongoing process for AgroCares and the key to develop game changing technologies. We combine innovative sensor technology with data mining and modelling. Our strength lies in data collection and the conversion of analytical data and sensor data into field and client specific recommendations.

The need for techniques and instruments that allow rapid and precise field soil monitoring is increasing. AgroCares technology is a key enabler to measure real-time data on nutrients. We support farmers to take decisions based on both broader and more specific insights. We give value chain participants new opportunities to create value and mitigate risks by making data available.
What are the main advantages? For the proper nutrient management it is essential to monitor the nutrient status of the soil, crop and feed.  The need for techniques and instruments that allow rapid field soil, crop feed monitoring is increasing.
With our technology it is possible to measure everything on the farm independently with only one tool. With our technology we are now able to perform soil, feed and leaf analysis.  Users can free themself from expensive, time-consuming and complicated procedures to obtain the information that they need. They Have access to data about nutrients in soil, in feed, or leaf when they want and where they want. The data can be integrated in their management system easily and better informed decisions can be made. The scanner provides fast, affordable and reliable nutrient testing. Farmers and food producers can take on-the-spot measurement and they will receive information about nutrient status on their smartphone within minutes. Users can perform an unlimited amount of scans and have access to their data when they want.

For many farmers all over the world soil is a puzzling black box; to which they apply fertilizers without knowledge of what the soil actually needs. SoilCares made it possible to easily read and indentify the needs of soil through near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. SoilCares Foundation was founded to make sure all smallholder farmers, even the most secluded, also had access to this reliable and affordable technology that will improve the productive capacities of their soils.

With our technology we are now able to perform soil, feed and leaf analysis. In the near future we want to be able to measure everything on a farm independently.
We are looking for partners in the not calibrated countries for the soil testing Nutri manager app and also for the leaf testing Nutri manager app.

AgroCares is in the market preparation stage for the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Botswana, South Africa, Argentina and the rest of the USA. This mean we are exploring the market in these countries and looking for potential partners for developing calibration database there.

The scanner works in the area where we have already built our Global Database. The Nutrient Scanner is already on the market in Europe in Hungary, Poland, Denmark and The Netherlands.
-Soil (Nutri manager app – Already on the market), in the not calibrated countries we are looking for partners.
-Feed (Already on the market) (Trouw Nutrition, our strategic partner)
-Leaf (Developing- looking for partners)
Contact point (Contact person): Viktória Vona