Title Disposal tire removal, processing / waste management technology
Description of ecotechnology Our company has been dealing with tire trade / repair since 2011, we are waiting for our existing and prospective customers with a wide range of new and used tires in our online warehouse. Our offer covers the entire tire range, we deal with agriculture, cargo, off-road, loader, forklift, or personal tires, rim or hose. In our assembly works we perform tire assembly, vulcanization, repair of side and tread injuries, wheel balancing of cars, cutting of tire tread and modification of truck rims. We also have special presses and special tools for installing solid forklift trucks at our site.Within the whole country, we undertake to deliver free of charge agricultural and loading tires purchased from us.
Description of demand Technology of possible processing / removal of agricultural waste tires.
Keyords scrap tire, agricultural tire, tire processing, tire removal
Location Kaposvár, Hungary
Contact Andrea Balatincz, andrea.balatincz@gmail.com, +00-36-209131987


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