Title Adapter for measuring inserts
Basic technology outline Adapter is designed for direct mounting of different types of inserts for the purpose of measuring in the optical devices

Allows fast, accurate and repeatable positioning of the inserts

The shape and construction of the adapter allows parallel measurement of right and left cutting edge from perpendicular view

Adapter is attachable into a standard chuck of cutting tools with shank

Technology deployment


Fast and flexible measuring of selected types of wear

Useful in development of inserts and in optimizing metal cutting processes in manufacturing

Allows fast and flefible measurement of selected types of cutting edge wear

Designed primarily for use in optical measuring devices focused on measuring cutting tools with shank

Advantages over curently used solutions Reduced measuring time combined with the use of excellent software

Reduction of the time required for the measurement of the insert

Allows the use of software tools to analyze the cutting edges of cutting tools

Extends the applicability of optical measurement devices used for measuring tools with shank also to the inserts

Current status of technology


patented technology, prototype available

(Slovak) patent pending No. 11-2017

successfully tested prototype

More information alena.kojdiakova@cvtisr.sk
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)