Name How Not to Print
Company / institution: Timkom Agency
Country:     Serbia
Segment: no paper
all services are over internet
all sales point are in one system
Environmentally friendly systems
Description of eco-technology
/ Summary of the offer
Makilla is cloud service
First, you’ll want to decide where you’ll save things instead of printing them. It helps to have one consistent location where you save everything. Print to PDF and save on hard drive.
Send PDF Invoice to customer. In warehouse use mobile phone or tablet. Makilla have own api which connect with other services over the net: woocommerce, wp, magento. .
Forms of cooperation looking forProduct is on the market.
Contact point (Contact person): Marjan Trifunjagic
Keywordspos, #shoppingcart, #b2b, #cloud, #api, #erp, #paper, #stop-printing
Additional information:Technology is available for use on the (day/month/year): 01.04.2016



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