Recyclable or biodegradable low-weight containment enclosures for low-density gases
Looking for
We are searching for innovation concepts, prototypes or fully developed products in the area of environmentally friendly low-weight enclosures for gases with low-density (particularly helium). The enclosure should be made available either in custom measurements or modular design that allows for adapting to specific applications. The enclosure must allow the feature of simple refuelling with inert gases from standard valves of high-pressure containment vessels and must otherwise ensure very low penetration (leakage) of gas to the external environment. The enclosure must feature lightweight materials (rigid structure) that demonstrate either capability to be recycled (carbon fibre) or use materials that are biodegradable.The
e organization will take over the role of the coordinator of local/national partners (enterprises, business support organizations, research institutions and academia) participating in the development process. For additional information please communicate with the contact point.
Stage of Development TRL 4 and above
Form of cooperation Purchase of equipment, co-development of products (requirements of beneficiary partner), testing
Language of communication English, Slovenian, Serbian
Key Words
Inert gas, enclosure, bio-degradable, recycle, carbon fibre, low-weight, semi-manufactured product, custom measure
More information For additional information please communicate with the contact point.
Contact point Niko Natek 

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)