Solar trap
Description of the technology
It represents a new approach to agricultural production in controlled conditions. Solar trap is characterized by incomparably higher energy efficiency than any greenhouse or hothouse, no matter what kind of equipment it uses.

Our facility is multipurpose. It can be used as a conventional greenhouse and gives up to 4 turns without or with a minimum of heating, or it can also serve as a dryer, depending on the needs.

The cost of making such a system is somewhat more expensive than building hothouse of the same square, but it is significantly cheaper than greenhouse, so the payback period is up to three times that of any conventional market.

The specificity of such an object is that it uses the passive energy, which is effectively stored in an efficient way by its innovative approach. Benefit is also reflected in the reduction of anthropogenic impact on the environment.

  • new approach to agricultural production in controlled conditions
  • higher energy efficiency
  • multipurpose
  • lower cost
  • uses the passive energy,
Keywords Solar trap, agricultural production, greenhouse
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